Dealing with the C

Ah shit,

i know I'm supposed to be writing in this fuckin' journal every couple of weeks at least, or so the court says. but I got an extension because of this medical thing.

I got diagnosed with Cancer a month ago, and had the surgery shortly afterwards to remove the tumor. I misiing half my fuckin' tail now, and it sucks. It's kind of a stastus thing amongst us rabbits here on the island.

My associates ofcourse know the situation with it, and 'feel for me', but I know they're talkin' behind my back.

Francine moved back home for a while. She claims it caws of my illness and all, and she wanted to be around for me. I'd like to believe that, i really would, but I think her and Jacob are having problems. I heard her and my wife talkin' while they thought I was sleepin'.

Regardless, i love her and my family for all their support. I just want to get back out there to business soon. To many paws being stepped on.

All right, later