Ah..notin' much

What up peeps?

Ain't that ironic? I call all ya all peeps, and the fuckin' candy company sells things called 'peeps' at Easter time for all the little sugar tooth mo-fos out there.

Not much goin' on this way, I guess I've been fairly content lately, which is why I haven't written in a few days.

Francine called me yesterday, and asked for another substantial loan. I told her no, and that if mayhaps she dumped that peice of shit squirrel husband of hers, and came back home-she'd be taken care of. She hung up on me.

From what I understand, that lazy peice of shit Jacob still ain't workin'. He's got to realize that my daughter needs to be supported somehow, and can't live of of me and my wife for to long.

I guess that kind of gets me goin' a bit. Havin' to worry a it about how that peice of donkey butt treats my daughter-and yeah I fuckin' worry just like the next bunny. So fuckin' what?

Oh yeah, and those douche bags that wrote me back about their son, well Georgie and I are going up there to Topeka, Kansas to visit their dumb asses. Apparently, they started a law suit or some shit against me, or my organization, or some shit like that. And they're talkin' abotu a restraining order, and harassment charges. Can you believe that? Fuck that, I have no problem not getting near the fuckwads, and I'll laugh my ass off when that kid realizes there really is an Easter Bunny, and his parents just fucked him out of ever gettin' anything again. That, well that makes me fuckin' smile.