More ramblin' and rain

Ah yeah...

Damn it feels good to be a gangster. Straight up for real.

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Sometimes I feel like just singin' or quotin' from a song and shit, to distract me.

The fuckin' weather today bites donkey balls. Fuckin' rainin' and shit since last night. I'm gettin' sick and fuckin' tired of all of this. That bitch Motha Nature better recognize, if she continues at this pace, everyone on this island will be flooded out.

I know her and I don't see eye to eye-mainly cause she's only got one eye, I got two, that stupid bitch. Anywho, I may have to submit to that cooze, and pay some back taxes on Easter shit for her grandkid. I don't feel like it, but my main boss said it'd be good for politics. Not to mention, he's gettin' sick of all this crappy weather and shit.

He said to get it all in writin', and if she goes back on her word, to take the 'taxes' out on her. I wanna get rid of her so bad, I can taste it, but again-the politics of this fair game we're in won't allow it.

Hold on a sec...

Ok, I do realize that there ain't no fuckin' time gap to you when your reading this-but my train of thought got all fucked there for a second. Eddie Jr. was palyin' his music way to fuckin' loud. Damn kid, only if I was that young again.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have nothin' to say, and I'm just mumblin' and repeatin' myself and shit, so I'm out.