Ball talk, and those fuckin' cats

Hello again bitches.

Well, I went to the doctor the other day, and just as expected-the two worst fuckin' things to happenb to a bunny in a checkup, I got the ol' turn and cough, and the finger up the anus.

How can anyone put their finger up a poop shoot? Fuckin' weird, regardless, he said I'm in fairly good condition, being as old as I am and shit. He's just waiting for some of the tests to come back before I have to go back in.

I ain't been sleeping much-no, not any fuckin' medicinal problems. But these fuckin' cats moved in next door. All they fuckin' do is hiss and fight, and I'm gettin' sick of the shit. Twice last night, I was woken up but to of the fuckin' things whining away, and rollin' around fightin' and shit.

I ain't prejudice against cats-but I don't trust the evil son of a bitches either. I have a family of dogs down the street, and I can trust them. Yeah, I fuckin' know dogs eat rabbits and shit-but I can trust a dog to BE a dog, you know what I mean? A cat, you never know what they're thinkin'. I went out yesterday, just to get the mail, and four of those fuckin' cats were starin' at me. What the fuck? I didn't know if they were thinkin' what I'd taste like, or if my fly was unzipped. Then I says to them "What the fuck?", and they just keep starin' their fuckin' eyes followin' me as I walked back in the house.

When I got back in, I looked out the window, and they're lickin' themselves and shit. I never understood that, lickin themselves. I have fur to, but I ain't gonna clean myself with my tongue. Fuckin' gross! Ever hear of a shower you sick fucks?

Yeah yeah. I know you guys is thinkin', "If you could lick your privates, you would." Well bullshit to that, I love my balls, I love the fact that they still work, and that I use them-but to fuck if I'm gonna stick in my in my own god damned mouth.

Which brings me back to the doctor. I'm a guy, I ain't gonna be touchin' no other guys balls neither. Fuck that shit completely. I know they're doin' their job and shit, but I'll stick with egg delivery.

Anywho, I'm out...

Enough fuckin' rantin'....