That Kranston fuckbag

Hello again Kids,

What the fuck was I talkin' about last time? I think I said some shit about how I can't remember shit, and I ain't gonna waste my fuckin' time rreadin' what I wrote earlier or some shit. If I did, I realize I'm only repeating myself.

Anywho, that letter I sent to the parents of Jason K,(the douche bag that he is), wrote me back a letter-which I shall be so kind as to share with you. Tehy're even bigger shit wads then their son. Enjoy this shit, it made me laugh, even though I think they were all serious and shit.

Dear Mr. Edvard D Bunny,

Or whomever you claim to be, Easter Bunny or not.

My wife and I got you letter the other day, and decided that perhaps we should take this matter to you, rather than the authorities right away.

We're not sure who you are, or what our son has to do with you. We assure you that he's the most special boy you'd ever meet-and if any harm comes of him, we will be paying you a visit.

It's apparent that you're a troubled individual, and need or are possibly under the care of a state mental institution. I guess we can't really blame you if you head is telling you one thing, and you can't control yourself, after all-who really thinks the Easter Bunny even exists anymore? The authorities would probably have a field day if I reported your initial letter. I hope that proper medication, and heavy dosage are in your near future Mr. Bunny.

Also, it may have appeared as though are son came of as a spoiled brat, but we support his quest in finding play items, and food substances mearly because we love him. Can you understand that Mr. Bunny?

His manners are perfectly fine-perhaps since your in a fantasy world, you fail to realize that demanding something, over asking for it, gets results. Trust me, I'm in real estate, ok?

Kindly, Mr. Bunny-go fuck yourself,

If you ever step foot near my home or family, I will have no trouble having you locked away. Any further letters or harassing remarks will be taken less lightly as well, so I advise you stop.


Todd Kranston

Can you believe this shit? What a donkey dick this guy is. And as far as further communications with him, let's just say I'll be seeing Mr. Kranston real soon....