Fasting for a fingerin'

All right ass wipes,

It's Sunday night, and not much to fuckin' say bout this weekend. Thing is, I can't remember what I was writing about last time-so if I left somewhere, and I'm forgetting to cover it now-so fuckin' be.

I notice I make a lot of typos and shit, I go back, and I correct em and shit-then I submit this fuckin' letter thing, and go to check out how it looks, and I still find fuckin' more typos. I tell you, this site should have some fuckin' spell check or some shit. I realize my sentence strusture and use of language ain't real good neither-but the fuck if I care. The typos drive my up the wall though.

Anywho, what's goin' on here? Not much of anything. Georgie actually left for a holiday weekend somewhere north of here, I ain't sure where. So Ostro has been taking care of business, and making sure things go right my way. Georgie needs some time off though. The little bastard runs his yolk solid some days-so I cut him lose every once in a while.

I have a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I hate those fuckin' bastards. I know they're doing their job and shit-but this whole 'turn and cough' shit makes me want to vomit. And at my age, I get the ol' finger up the poop shoot to check my prostate. What a fuckin' job huh? Stickin' your finger up a man's ass? I would have never believe someone could get paid enough to do that shit.

Ah, I've been having to fast today to, with the appointment tomorrow and all-that fuckin' bites donkey balls. And to top it off-my wife(who seems to be pissed at me again) cooked on of my favorite meals, knowing god damn well I couldn't eat it. There would have been leftovers, but little Eddie Jr. decided to have 4 fuckin' helpings. Four? What the fuck-sometimes I swear hima nd my wife are in cahoots together.

Fuck, I'm starvin-