A general rambling of sorts

Well, I'm back again,

Sorry about posting those letters earlier. I realize this fuckin' thing is set up for me to get out my aggressions and what not-but I wanted ya all to see what gets me frustrated in the first place.

If I had a dime for every little cocksucker that TOLD me what they wanted instead of asking politely, I'd be a retired bunny. Just the other day, Eddie Jr. asked me for 50 bucks, when I asked him what for, he said "I don't know". What the fuck is that, you ask to borrow money, and you claim to not know? Fuck that. I told him if he was honest about what he wanted the money for, I'd consider it. He just walked away mumbling under his breath.

Eddie came home yesterday with a black eye, and when questioned about it, his standard answer once again "I don't know'. I thought that 'I don't know' was a kid thing, like when you're 8 and shit, but Eddie is 13 for fuck sake. I ain't gonna give the kid a hard time though, apparently, the other kid must have walked away scrath free, or he'd be bragging about it and shit.

My wife had to make a big stink boout it though. That's Goergette for you though, always spoiling and worrying about the kids. She doesn't work, so it gives her something to do I guess. She'd break my balls if she read that.

She knows about this diary and shit, but I told her to not read any of it, out of courtesy. I can't read her mind, so it's only fair she only gets information from me when I TELL her.

Oh yeah, I attached a rendering of that fuck Stenard. He has a kid the same age as little Eddie Jr. So I see the fuckface every once in a while at sportsgames and shit. Anywho, Stenard is poking his head in other people's property again-and I'm gonna have to go to the other bosses to meet on this shit. His dipping his paws into everyone's basket if you know what I mean.

Shit, ok , I fucked up, I'll have to post shit for brains picture on the next page, sorry about that-nah, fuck it, I ain't sorry.