Letter back to douche bags parents

For those of you who read the last set of diary pages:

Here's the letter I sent to the parents of Jason K-the little shit-bag that wrote me asking for all types of shit he ain't gonna get-enjoy!

Mr. and Mrs. K,

I'm assuming you to are still married, or mayhaps the problem with your son, is that you two are divorced or separated, or what not, and spoil the son of a bitch. Regardless, I'm not gonna be added to the list of people who spoil the little douche bag.

Being the Easter Bunny, I get thousands of letters a week from kids, much like yours, who seem to think that if they demand something in writing, they're gonna get it. Well, fuck that-what ever happened to manners?

Again, I'm gonna have to assume that neither one of you shit for brains ever taught him any, or in fact, educated him enough to write a letter in a structured format.

You'll notice I sent 3 spelling and vocabulary exercise booklets with this letter. I suggest you use them to teach your son how to spell a litle better, and use words that make sense. There are exercises in each one, that the little shit bag should fill out on his own, and have you correct them. this way, he can begin to understand the concept of a corteous letter, and proper spelling. Don't be an asshole and do the exercises with him, let him do them on his own-cut off his Tv and toys and shit until he finishes them.

And I would appreciate it if you sat him down, and discussed proper manners. He should absolutely not TELL anyone what he wants, when he's only in the position of asking for them. And two, he should NOT look a gift horse in the mouth, and complain about shit I have brought him. If he doesn't like it, I suggest you tell him to "grin and bear it" like a man, and be happy it got anything. Three, tell him that being good is part of the deal to, if he continues to torment his sister, and get bad grades then he's gonna get a beatin'.

I hope this letter helps you parent your child a little more properly. Don't make me write again.

Edvard D. Bunny

Easter Bunny-Southern Edge