Jason ain't no 'pal'-fuck that

Jason K?

My 'pal'? I don't fuckin' think so. I don't remember quite frankly if I ever delivered shit to this kid.

Yeah, I know my region is North America, and it's apparent that this kid is American and all, but fuck, I deliver a lot of eggs to a lot of kids.

And chances are, I gave this kid some rotten eggs-seein' as I give those to little shit bobbers like him, kids that don't deserve the nutrious protein and shit that they supply. I don't give one fuckin' shit though. Take a bite of that rotten egg and maybe you'll learn to be a little nicer and better next year? You fuckin' think?

Ok, and you don't start no fuckin' formal letter and shit by say "I want", what the fuck? I can care less what one of these asshole robot gadgets looks like, and for the last fucking time- it ain't met hat delivers that shit, it's parents who feel the need to spoil their little fucks with something they don't need anyway-same goes with candy. I don't eat that shit, nor do I want kids to.

I have half a mind to whap that kid upside the head a few times, or his parents. i do know I'll be writing back-to whom yet, i'm not sure. Either his parents are gonna get some freindly advice from me, or little jason cocksucker is gonna learn some manners.

Fuck it, I'm out.