Frustrations...and jelly beans?

Hey hey mamasitas,

I stil can't figure out if anyone is reading this fuckin' thing, but then again-why the fuck would anyone read my journal?

In the long run, I guess I don't really give a shit either way. If people want to know the real Easter Bunny(or in this case, bunnies), then I encourage you to continue readin' this shit.

Sometimes the truth fuckin' hurts, and sometimes it blows your mind and shit. What pisses me off, is that most parents, by the time their kids are 8 or 9, tell them that I'm not real, Santa Claus ain't real, and all this other fuckin' shit. And then, they have the odacity to take their kids teeth-leave them a quarter or dime or some shit, and blame it on the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy? Give me a fuckin' break.

The double standards that some people have trip my tail.

And the fuckin' weather is still shit here. That bitch Mother Nature better start actin' a little nicer to me and my asociates, or the ones she loves are soon gonna be hurtin' to.

Another fuckin' rainy day here, and I haven't seen the fuckin sun in days. The last time I saw it was leaving Las Vegas, and it's been shit here ever since I got back.

Luckily, I aion't got a lot of work right now. The Stenard situation is under control, tricky and fucked, but under control. I don't like that peice of donkey shit, but for now, we's cool.

Anyway, I'm outta here peeps...

Catch you on the flip,