Leaving Las Vegas

Fuck off!

I know it's been far to fuckin' long since I wrote last-and don't fuckin' tell me about this court order shit. I know it's a violation to go more than 2 weeks without writing, so fuckin' sue me. It hasn't been two weeks yet, so to avoid possible parole violation, or possible jail time, here I am.

Ah Christ, I just got back from Vegas. No, no fuckin' pleasure trip, not like I'm used to anyway. It turns out, My daughter and that fuckin' douche bag Jacob the Squirrel, decided to run of and get married. And, they picked of all places, Las Vegas. Although I got to hand it to them, fi there's any place in the world that they wouldn't stand out in, it would be Las Vegas, or possibly New York.

That peice of shit Jacob, I'm gonna cut his fuckin' squirrel nuts off if he pulls anything like that again. Not like the damage isn't already done, but I do realize my daughter is technically an adult now, so she has the right to make her own decisions-but fuck, what a fuckin' decision.

My guess is, that it'll only last a few months, then they'll realize that the shit ain't gonna work out. This will be the first time they'll be living together-and I have to laugh about that, they were already fightin' about their room in Vegas. Anywho, they ain't gonna be livin' in this house-that's for damn sure.

And you should have heard my wife cry when she heard all this shit. Ballin' like a god damn fountain-sreamin "Why would she do this Edvard?" "Doesn't she love us?", and some more shit like that. All questions if I attempted to answer, the blame for everything would just fuckin' come back to me anyway, so I thought why bother. Ofcourse, she's pissed at me for not sayin' shit-but fuck it.

I also starightened that little fuck Jacob up, about this workin' for Stenard shit. He ain't gonna be married to my only daughter, and bringin' her into the lifestyle. And Jacob ain't gonna be workin' for me neither-he's gonna have to ge a real job, legit. And now, after confronting Stenard about everything, I have to go make ammends with that cocksucker, so I can rest knowing my daughter is safe.

Fuckin' fatherhood-it's a bitch, at least Eddie Jr. hasn't been in trouble lately-or so it seems.

Later fuckwads,