Hip, Hop, and Away


Nearly one thirty in the mornin', and I'm still up thinkin' about this travelin' shit, and what's going to happen with evreything here while I'm gone.

I spoke to Jacob the douchebag this evening about his 'intentions'. My daughter left for a little while with my wife, giving us a chance to 'talk' about things.

So I ask this fuck, why the fuck he thinks he's good enough for my daughter, and he starts speaking in some high pitched squirrel jibberish, like what the fuck? He basically says that he's attracted to her 'personality' more than anything else. Bullshit, I called him a liar right then and there. Forgive me for saying it, but two things here-both of which I may end up regretting to say:

1)I love my daughter and all, but she can be a royal bitch. I mean, just the slightest little thing sets her off. The other day I ask her to pick up her shoes from the floor, and she starts yelling at me, telling me she's old enough to do what she wants. What? Get the fuck out of here.

2) When I guy says he's attracted to a woman's personality, it means he wants to shag her. I was his age once, fuck, i had a constant hard-on 24-7. At least I was honest about it, ok, honest now-back then I tried to play the smooth shit he's trying to pull over on my daughter. Once a man, always a man.

Georgie I think intimedated him to. He just glared at Jacob as I talked, gave him dirty looks and shit. He's a rotten egg and shit, but he knows when someone is lyin'. He's a good face reader. And from what he said, this Jacob fuck is up to no good.

And, I seem to have an abundance of fuckin' squirrel hair around the house now. Those fuckers shed like crazy.

All right, I'll be back in a couple of weeks and shit-I'll let ya kknowhow I'm doing, and what shit's goin' on here.