The Stenard situation

Hey Hey my bitches,

Well, I got most of that shit that had to be done, done. Ain't that a fuckin' peach?

Nah, I got that paintin' shit done, and I had to do some packin' and what not for Ireland, since I leave in the mornin' tomorrow. I had some errands to run-all of which, is probably boring as fuck to even get into with ya ignorant fucks.

I will say this, the trip to Ireland makes me a bit nervous, I mean, one of their 'associates' was lost and shit, and we have to make sure we make good before we leave. You ever fuck with the Irish? I wouldn't recommend it, but then again, I wouldn't recommend fuckin' with us either. Bunnies and Eggs that can walk and talk and shit ain't nothin' to mess aroudn with.

I'm also worried about what this trip entails. I'm leaving with the boys, all of us except for Ostro, he's gonna keep an eye on shit while were gone. But this fuck Stenard from the westside, keeps tapping into our territory. Hey, what da fuck ever.

We all agree to 'get along' and shit, and not cross the borders into one anothers territory-but this Stenard fuck keeps poking his wiskers over here on the southside-he's one of these rebel fucks that thinks he's top dog and shit-but he ain't. He's young and cocky, which hey, I can sympathize with-but I still respected my territory, and their's when I was that foolish.

There's only been 3 gangland murders here on the island, and that was 50 or 60 years back. If you want to count that Mother Nature shit, go the fuck ahead-but that wasn't inner dealings-that was with some bitch that got a big head about controlling weather. Yeah, I guess if I could do that shit, I'd get a big head. But I deal with what I got, and fuck if anyone is gonna take that away from me.

That artist fuck is going with us to, so he can, as he puts it 'document' the meetin' and what not. So, I imagine when we return, we'll have many o stories and pictures for ya all to gaze at and shit.

Fuck, I need some food in my belly, be back later homedogs...