Squirrels are for nuts...


Not much of a greetin' huh? Yeah, my thoughts exactly, but those are the words that slipped out when Francine came home with Jacob the Squirrel this afternoon.

I had so much on my mind, I forgot about that fuck wad. He and my daughter are apparently, an 'item' now, as she put it. What the fuck? A squirrel and a rabbit? Does that make any sense to you? I mean, think about this shit, if they get married or some shit from all of this, their litter would be rabbit-squirrel hybrids. I mean it sounds impressive and all, but is it possible?

I'm trying not to think about that shit, but she's my daughter, and this flying fuck is no good for her. You should see his god damn face when he's flying around and what not, his mouth's open and shit-looks like a fuckin' freak swooping from tree to tree. Yeah, we don't have any fuckin' trees here on Easter Island anyway, so what da fuck is he doing here anyway?

I think this whole thing is just to piss me off, make me irrate and shit. It seems to be working. I'll have a little 'heart to heart' with Jacob the Flying Fuck, and set him straight, straight out of her life.

I wonder if she's been reading this shit I'm writing on here. She kknows about the court decision and all, so she'd be tempted I think. Fuck, who cares, she know what I do for a living, and I generally speak my mind, so it couldn't be to much of a shocker for her.

And my son Eddie Jr., he would have no interest in this shit, mainly cause the shit he reads, he 'has to read' for school and all. His teacher seems to think he's behind. Meara Goose is his teacher's name, great granddaughter of you guessed it, Mother Goose. She seems all right and all, but my son thinks she's the devil reincarnated. And my wife, she seems to think about the same thing, since she's been talking down about my son. I know he has a motivation problem though, so I'd agree with her.

All right, I'm out, just spreading my aggression for ya.