Who gives a fuck flying squirrel

Hey again Fuckos,

Yeah, I was reading my last fuckin' letter in here, and I saw several typos. I was told never to point out one's own mistakes, but I know some of you asscheeks probably noticed them-and thought to yourself, what a dumb fuckin' rabbit-well fuck that!

So I made a few fuckin' mistakes, big fuckin' deal, all right? Christ, get off my tail about that shit, damn dog.

Anywho, I talk to that rotten crotch Mutha Nature-man she's a bitch. She took the rain away to tease me, and turned it to fuckin' sleet and ice and shit-increased the winds to. We did schedule a sit down, I'm stopping by her pad on my way back from the Potatoe people visit.

I went out shoppin' in this fuckin' shitty weather, and got my wife Remeara some Mo Day gifts. Yeah, she an't my motha and all, but fuck, my kids ain't gonna give her shit except for a hard time, and I try to keep her happy. My son Eddie Jr., he's a kid kid, just kind of going through that rebellous stage in his life right now. My daughter Francine, she's another story. She's old enough to know better, and for fuck sake, live out on her own, but she still mooches off of mom and pop, and gives us shit for it. I love her and all, but fuck-she needs to get out.

Georgie called me today, and said he saw Francine at the bars last night, with some fuckin' douchebag named Jacob the Squirrel. Hey, I ain't prejudice or nothin', but Jacob is a peice of dogshit. He's one of these flying squirrels, and he likes to rub the fact that he can fly to us animals that lack the appendiges to do so. If he don't watch is, he won't have those appendiges himself, that mother fucka. Plus, he's a wirey fuck, always staring off into space, and getting panicky when you get near him and shit. He and my daughter have been friends for quite few years, went to school together and all, but the asswad hasn't changed in those years-he's always been a fuck.

So now I got to sit down with Francine whenever she gets the fuck back from where ever she so happens to be right now-she keeps her mother worried sick about shit. Happy Mother's Day indeed.

All right kiddies, I promised to play playstation 2 with Eddie Jr.,

Later my sweet bitches,