'Mashed' potatoe (man)

Ah, Jesus...

What the fuck time is it? Christ, my hands are swollen after last nights 'talk' with potatoe man.

I won't go into detail, but needless to say, I'm going to have to make a visit to his 'people' in Ireland, and set things straight. I may be gone for couple of weeks, but it needs to be done.

And fuck, I wrote last night without checking my pages. My mutha fuckin' pic was on, hell if I knew. I had this cool cat named Michelle look at it for me. Yeah yeah, we have cats on this island, like many other animals you'd never guess. When scientists and shit come here to 'explore', we retreat to our caverns underground. Those dumb muther fuckas still think this place is unhabitable.

I'm so fucking tired today-Easter still a year away, but much work has to get done. Currently, I'm moving a bunch of fuckin shit here and there, to make the flow of things easier, but fuck that. It wasn't my fucking idea, I just do as I'm told, I'm not the boss of this operation, just one of the capos.

For those who don't know what a CAPO is, he's the guy that works for "The Guy", but has a crew of his own to get shit done, and earn for the boss. I have 3 rabbits under me, if you count that artist fuck that follows me around to 'observe', and two eggs that are main influences in my organization. I have many eggs that work for me, but they have very little 'power' when it comes to handling things, and the fuck if I trust those bastards.

Anywho, the rabbits under me are Jorge, Federico, and Sternan- they're all good shit, they help me with my 'route', and keep everyone in order. They do some of my dirtywork, actually all of it that the eggs don't handle.

And my two egg 'associates' are Georgie, whom I've spoke about, and another bad seed by the name of Ostro-fucked up name I know, but he was a reject egg from some fuckin ostrich. We get foreign bird eggs all the fuckin' time, but an ostrich egg, come on...what the fuck are we going to do with that, what kid is fuckin' dumb enough to eat an egg that huge. So we decided-awe shit, fuck that...I decided to keep the girthy fuck, and make him a henchmen. Ever see a fuckin' chicken egg talk back to an egg 5 times his size? There have been cases, but lets say, Ostro 'scrambled' the situation immediately.

I'll sooner or later (once I figure this shit out) get some more pics of my crew, and my family for ya, but until then, just take my fuckin word, ok?

Shit, i need a cigar or somethin', why the fuck am I still writing?

Peace out bitches,