my Introduction-as stated by Edvard D. Bunny

Journal of Edvard D. Bunny

As appointed by a Federal Court-in agreement with a plea bargin reached by both parties on May 1st, 2003.

Yeah Yeah,

I never thought I'd be doing this, but, I have to. Some fuckin 'therapy' for my aggressions or some shit like that.

Anyway, for those who don't know me by my birthname of Edvard-I'll simply state that I'm one of 13 "Easter Bunnies". You morons think that there's only one Easter Bunny, fuck, come on. All that fucking work for one day, by one bunny-I know I ain't gonna do it all myself. There's 3 of us that take over the North American territories, another 4 for Asia, 2 for South America, 1 for Austrailia, 2 for Africa, and 1 for Europe-Antarctica, fuck them. None of us bunnies like that cold shit.

We're located on and under, what you "civilized" morons call Easter Island, no joke. We been stuck here for years, i'm talking fucking years, I mean, it's the most remote place in the fucking world-what the fuck.

I'll talk more about the history of my people, and society later, when I feel it's relevant.

This court appointed "outlet" as so kindly put, is a way for me to write out my aggression about my fucking job. This shit ain't gonna work, I know, but it's either this, or the joint, and I ain't gonna being using no soap on a rope if I have to.

There was a small incident, this past Easter, which I won't talk about now, but some people were "assaulted", and I got snipped for all of it. I don't know how it got pinned on me, but it fucking did.

That's enough for today boys and girls, tomorrow, I'll go into greater detail...

I'll upload a drawing done of me, for all you "non-believers" to see. "Why not a photograph?" you say, "If you had a photograph I'd believe you"- you're thinking, I know it. If you simpletons saw me, your eyes would blow up, or melt, or some shit like that, I'm godlike, and you pathetic morons couldn't comprehend or acknowledge the sight of me. Kids are different, kids can see me, they don't have all that bullshit 'disbelief' that you older humans have built into you by the time you're in your 20's. So I hired this artist rabbit here to draw my pics for you to get a better understanding of things.

I'm outta here...